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Welcome to my blog: Living a Dee-Lightful Life

Updated: Feb 17

Hi readers, and welcome to my first blog post. Please be kind - I'm learning as I go here, but I think it's really important to share messages about how you can cultivate wellness in your life, BEFORE stress and overwhelm take hold and cause greater issues like anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia (all of which I suffer from) and other invisible illnesses.

While I suffer from several invisible illnesses, I'm still the most positive person I know (I used to be the most negative...), and I'm working hard on recovering fully from these illnesses to live a live of health, wealth and freedom on my terms.

Developing a positive mindset and cultivating mindfulness in my life has helped me deal with some very tough life situations, and helped me keep my mental health in better check than before I knew about these techniques. I'm really passionate about letting others know about them, to help everyone get better control of their thoughts and mental health.

So here I am sharing about me and my thoughts and insights as I continue on my journey.

This blog has been a log time coming - I said in 2019 I wanted to start a blog and now finally in August 2022, it's here! I hope you enjoy :-)

What Dee-Lightful Living means to me

I thought I'd start by saying what a Dee-Lightful Life or Dee-Lightful Living means to me. You've probably gathered its a play on words as my [professional] surname is Dee, but it also has significance to me because my parent's business was called 'Dee-Clark Designs'-a dressmaking business, and then later 'Dee-Clark Bridal' as they niched into Bridal Wear.

So I wanted to include 'Dee' in my business name, but I also wanted something that when you heard it, it made you feel happy and it conjured up a vision. And although that vision will be different for everyone, for everyone it will be a vision of what their best, happiest life looks like. Come on - tell me that isn't what you envisioned?

Because your best, happiest life is measured differently for every single person - but we all know what that vision looks like for us

My mission is to inspire you to aim to work towards living your most Dee-Lightful Life - however that looks for you. That's what Dee-Lightful Living means in my opinion.

What Dee-Lightful Living means to me personally

What this means for me in my life? Well that's been changing and evolving lately - which is only natural. As we change and evolve, our goals and our standards will change and evolve too. It's an ongoing journey for me - I'm living far more dee-lightfully that I was 6 months ago, a year ago, or even 5 years ago. As I reach a new level in my mindset I become more at peace with everything, and that feels good. My outer world doesn't quite match my inner state yet - but it will. It's getting closer everyday.

My vision for my future is living in a much larger house than I do now, very financially free, splitting my time between either the coast or the Yorkshire dales of the UK and the California Coast of the USA. I'll eat out a lot (because I LOVE getting my dinner cooked for me), and probably order hello fresh the rest of the time because I'll do anything that makes my life easier! I'll be a multi-bestselling published author in my own right (I'm already a published author now in a book collaboration - check it out here) and not only will my coaching business be going from strength to strength but I'll probably have started my own coaching training school as well, because integrity, ethics, and morals in this business are really important to me, and being entrusted with any aspect of another's life isn't something to be taken lightly - I want to guide and mentor the next generation of coaches to have these ethics, morals and to conduct themselves with integrity.

Living a Dee-Lightful Life isn't about it being sweetness and roses all the time - sometimes you have to make difficult decisions and compromises to get the life you want. And you have to have the strength and confidence to do that. Living Dee-Lightfully is about being in tune with what your soul desires and doing anything (as long as it's not hurting others) to get it - even when it sometimes feels really difficult.

How do you start living Dee-Lightfully?

Well my top tips here are:

  • Look at where you're not happy right now in your life. There are areas you are compromising on that are causing you to compromise your happiness. Decide which compromises are worth making......and which aren't (get clarity here)

  • Decide how you're going to deal with the compromises that aren't worth sacrificing your happiness and Dee-Lightful Life for - you have a choice of delegate, ditch or reframe:

    • Reframe: Do you need to change how you're looking at it or feeling about it

    • Delegate: can someone else do it (like taking the kids to swimming lessons or doing the washing up)

    • Ditch: do you need to get rid of it from your life all together, or at least cut down.... (like those weekly visits to the in-laws could be monthly......?!)

  • Figure out your life values and measure every decision up to them. Mine are freedom, fun and fulfilment - sometimes I have to compromise but I run the situation through my values filter and then decide if the compromise is worth it. For instance I LOVE working for myself for the freedom from an alarm clock in the morning. I do occasionally do some freelance work, and while that temporarily curtails my waking-up-without-an-alarm-clock freedom, it means I make some fantastic contacts and it pays pretty darn well, plus I have fun doing it and it leaves me feeling very fulfilled - it's a compromise very worth making

  • Decide exactly 'WHO' you are in the future, and then take steps everyday to step into being that person - what does he/she stand for and stand against? What are their boundaries? What habits do they have that are non-negotiable?

And you can get even more tips in my FREE guide: 10 ways to think more positively (even when you're fed up with life) right HERE because it's making the small steps and changes daily that adds up to the BIG changes that make a huge difference

Thank for you reading

I hope you've enjoyed my ramblings on my first blog post - I promise they'll have much more of a point to them in the future. Today I wanted to share some tips with you and a little about me as an intro

I hope I've given you some food for thought and you're now thinking about how you can start living your most Dee-Lightful Life

Love and Dee-Lightful Vibes

Alison Dee xx


Don't forget to come join my FREE Facebook group The Positive Mindset Tribe here

And sign up to get my FREE guide on 10 ways to think more positively right here

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Alice E Hall
Alice E Hall
Aug 24, 2022

I LOVE THIS!! Thank you for sharing so much wisdom, lightness, and healing!! <3

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