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 Life Coaching Membership & Community for Women 

 Create your dreams on your terms for YOU  

Fed up of feeling like you're always putting everyone else first........leaving nothing for you?

You've always been a people pleaser, doing whats expected of you and putting your own needs last (even if you don't have children, theres always someone who needs something from you).  You're beginning to feel like you've lost yourself and life is exhausting you.

You'd love to feel in control of your life and wake up everyday feeling energised and motivated.  Knowing you're doing what YOU want to do.

The Dee-Lightful Living® Club will guide you to create the life you want to be living, with a supportive community around you to keep you on track.

  • You want to put yourself first, so you can easily say 'No' when it doesn't serve you

  • Understand what triggers you, so that you can live a calmer life and understand your thoughts

  • Feel like your life is 'on track' so you can live confidently in the moment

  • Be happy and positive so you get greater enjoyment out of life

But you want to do it in your own time and it not cost you a fortune

How the Dee-Lightful Living® Club works...

The Club is a self-study membership, with lots of support and guidance, from myself; Alison Dee.  You can study in your own time, use the monthly coaching calls to explore your realisations and immerse yourself in a new positive  community as you start creating your dreams on your terms.  The community will be there to encourage and guide you as you navigate these new positive changes in your life.

  • Everything saved for catch up so you can watch it when suits you, at your leisure

  • Facebook support group to get personalised help on your specific queries

  • Monthly coaching & training zoom to further your knowledge and give 1:1 coaching in a group setting

  • Monthly EFT session to experience this powerful technique with the group and release energy thats been holding you back

  • EFT Zooms streamed as well as recorded for super easy catch up, or to follow along online if you can’t get on zoom

  • Implementation months to allow you revisit any previous topics and to focus on taking action on making changes

  • Discounts on any programmes + on 1:1 coaching as a thank you loyalty bonus of being part of my community

Three Women

Who is The Dee-Lightful Living® Club for?

- Women 25+ (we have women in their 30's, 40's, 50's+ in there - it is never too late to decide you want more)

- Looking to figure out what they really want from life ("get clarity")

- Wanting to be able to say No to the things that don't serve them ("set boundaries")

- Those who want to understand their mind and get control of their thoughts

- Who want to start living, not just existing

- You know theres more to life - you just don't know how to find it

- You want to start dreaming big again AND achieve those dreams

What do you get in the Dee-Lightful Living® Club?

- First and foremost, a supportive community, lead by me; Alison Dee, to support and guide you

- Weekly lessons to access at your leisure

- Monthly Coffee Morning to connect with the community

- Community and Coaching Zoom every month (with Alison Dee)

- Guided EFT (tapping) Session every month (with Alison Dee)

- Daily inspiration posts to lift your vibe

- Access to all previous content

- All training is available on replay - so access it when it suits you

- A membership that works around your life and commitments

Included in and Coming up in the Dee-Lightful Living® Club:

This membership is always being added to.........
But topics coming up to be covered include:

Clarity on what you want out of life, your values, and how you want to feel

Money mindset - this is a series of self study workbooks to help you reset your relationship with money and abundance

Manifesting - learn exactly how to easily create your dream life just the way you want it

It's good to feel good!  Feeling good is  a birthright most of us have forgotten - reclaim this power with this months learning

Personal Development Deep Dive -  understand exactly what personal development is and how to make the techniques work for you

Relationships -  we have relationships with everything in our day to day lives.  Learn how to navigate them in this months content

Connecting to yourself - so many of us have lost the connection with ourselves in our busy lives - learn to reconnect 

Goal setting & planning   to understand exactly how to do it and make it happen for you

Alignment and Emotional Vibration  so you can understand exactly how your energy and thoughts affects your life

Trust & Surrender  so you can relax knowing everything is working out for you

Being Present.  This will help ground you in the present moment to give you greater enjoyment of life right now

Releasing and Reflecting - it's important to learn the lessons from the past, but then let it go to move forward

Overwhelm to Calm - this will help you when life feels overwhelming to get back into balance and create calm

Prioritising YOU - do you struggle to put yourself first?  Well you are a priority - learn how to put YOU first


Being a founding members means you get to help direct the content and shape the membership

All these topics will be covered and then in the archives to be accessed

Meet your Resident Coaching Expert


Alison Dee

Founder of the Dee-Lightful Living® Club

The Life Improvement Coach,

Helping you realise your dreams and giving you the confidence to go get them! 

Image by todd kent

How the Club was Started.........

The Dee-Lightful Living® Club was set up by me; Alison Dee.  I wanted to create a safe space for women to come together and be able to be open and honest.  To be able to dream BIG (whatever that means for you) and be encouraged and supported and cheerleaded.  To be held and supported whenever they encountered any triggers, blocks or past traumas to be able to learn from them, grow from them and move past them to create their dream life.

I am an expert in Mindset work and Manifestation, but I'm also a scientist so I put the woo and the science together to make it really logical and understandable for even the most cynical person.  

Join the Club

As a founding member you can join for just £15.55 a month

If you have any questions at all, or if you're not sure if the Club is right for you, I'd love to invite you to book a call with me to have a chat.  It's completely free and there's no pushy sales here - just open honest conversation


Q: How long do I need to sign up for? A: There is no tie in, but this is an ongoing commitment to your personal development and you will see the benefits as long as you remain a member

Q: The zooms make me I have to attend them live? A: We're a really friendly group so don't worry. You'll have met me on the onboarding call so you'll know how zoom works and we can chat about this there. You can join with your camera ahnd mic on or off, and you can even watch along on the live stream on the group and comment from there. You can get to know the community before hand via the group and messenger chat so it really won't feel so scary when it comes to it

Q: How do I become part of the community? A: I'm really proactive in helping you become part of the community - so at any point feel free to reach out to me. There is the messenger chat, the support facebook group, a social zoom (or in person event) each month and 2-5 zooms to engage with me and the resident coaches. There's plenty of opportunity - but it's up to you how much you get involved

Q: How soon will I see results? A: The BIG question is 'how soon do YOU want to see results?' You'll have your onboarding call to get you started, but engaging in the group calls and community, and carving out time to watch the lives and trainings as they happen is really important to start seeing consistent growth

Q: What if I can't make the calls live? A: That's not a problem at all. I understand we all live busy lives! Everything is streamed into the facebook group, saved into the guides and is currently being added into the brand new portal that is coming beginning of September 2022!


I truly feel my attitude to life has changed since I began working with Alison in her VIP Group.  I have been able to gain more clarity for my goals and direction in my life and business, and I've been able to implement tools taught by Alison to help me over any obstacles that previously would have sent me into a tailspin of self doubt & imposter syndrome.  She is truly a gem in the coaching and mindset arena 

Emma - Dee-Lightful Life Academy member

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