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Positive Mindset & Manifestation Coaching for Professional Women ready to take control of their lives

Start living for YOU on YOUR terms

I fully understand what its like to lose yourself while pleasing everyone else

> focusing on the career accolade, not your passion

> following what you're 'supposed' to do

> wanting the relationship and the 2.4 kids because it's expected

> getting bogged down with responsibilities

> always putting everyone else's needs first and never finding time for yours

> and realising you don't even know what YOU want anymore

I get it - I've been there too.......


I finally had the career and the relationship - all I'd ever wanted, and I still felt something was missing.......

Realising my confidence and self worth was something that I could create inside of me was the lightbulb moment I'd been waiting for - I was finally in control of my own life

All my life I had such strong influences that directed what I did, that even when they weren't so strong I wasn't used to deciding for myself, so I kept following what I felt I 'should' do - what was acceptable within societal expectations.  

Through my 20's I bounced around a number of careers and felt like I was a massive disappointment.  After leaving a very unhappy, volatile relationship I decided to pursue what I'd studied at University a decade earlier; Biomedical Science, in a bid to feel like I was making something of my life.  

It didn't work.  Even though I'd found the career, I also now had the man as well, but inside I didn't feel fulfilled and that's when I realised that I'd been so busy pleasing everyone else, I'd lost sight of what pleased me and I had no idea what I wanted and what would make me happy.  


released I'd always placed my worth in others hands and that led to me always walking on egg shells, second guessing myself and looking for validation everywhere but within.  It didn't feel good.


I fell into doing a mindfulness course and that led to me being introduced to life coaching and suddenly I felt like I'd found where I belonged.  I learnt how to get that validation from myself  and I stopped looking to others.  I started standing up for myself and going after what I wanted, and I realised I didn't need to follow what everyone was expecting of me anymore - I broke that hold and broke down the walls that were trapping me, and I started helping other professional women to do the same

THIS was it - this is what I'd been looking for.  Living on MY terms, by MY rules, for my own validation.  And it felt so satisfying and fulfilling

And that's what I want for you - to create your own rules and terms and to have the confidence to go do it your way

Experience & Qualifications

I am a qualified Life Coach & NLP Practitioner, coaching since 2019, with a really compassionate, empathetic approach so you will feel completely comfortable to open to and share with me, and we can work together to get the results you are desiring.

I have a plethora of life experience, including surviving an abusive relationship, anxiety, depression and chronic fatigue syndrome, that coupled with my coaching training and natural intuition makes me a brilliant coach and mentor to help guide you. 

I will always be guided by you and never push you into anything that you aren't comfortable with - you are in control here.

I have a lot of resources at my disposal to help you release mindset and energetic blocks and learn how automatically flip your thinking so you can far easier deal with tough situations that come your way with confidence and calm.

>2019: Diploma in Mindfulness 

>2020: Life Coach Certification with the ICF Accredited Clique Academy

> 2021: NLP Practitioner certificate through the Centre of Excellence 

Currently working on: 

> ICF Accredited Life Coach Certification

> ICF Accredited NLP Master Practitioner Certification 

Training/ongoing studies


Crystal healing

> Narcissistic abuse and healing

> Inner child healing

> Ho'oponopono and forgiveness

Work with me...

What my clients say.....

Alison is very knowledgeable and humble.  In only one session she gave me very simple and realistic guidance with her total down-to-earth view. 

~ Alessandra Prandini: 1:1 deep dive session client ~


Alison has a very light, bright and bubbly vibe, is clearly very knowledgable and kept everything relatable and gave us all really insightful information and advice

~ Becky Jane Stephenson: I delivered a guest expert session to her membership ~

I found Alison very warm and welcoming. She was very helpful and asked important questions I needed to hear.  I have lots to think about and I also have a plan in place for things I need to get done.  I would highly recommend Alison as she will put you on the right track

~ Annie Galvin: 1:1 deep dive session client ~


I felt so comfortable talking to her - like a friend.  She held me accountable and helped me without any judgement

~ Rita Badhan - 1:1 Client ~

Giving you the space to explore whats going on in your head, and to realise what you really want out of life, we will work together to help you on your way to create the life you always dreamed of living

The Dee-Lightful Life Academy is the ONLY Life Coaching Membership you'll ever need to to get your life on track.  With masses of support, a great community and 9 resident coaches....


The Academy

1:1 Coaching


Get in contact

We would love you to get in contact if you have any questions at all

You can do this by sending Alison Dee an email

More info......

In October 2021 I became a published author as part of a book collaboration 'Seen', sharing my story along with 14 other female entrepreneurs.  You can get it here >>>

If you are interested as training as a coach I highly recommend you check out the Clique Academy.  They have a free course you can access here >>>

I have an amazing FREE community on Facebook that you are most welcome to join.  Come join the Positive Mindset Tribe to find out all about Mindset & Manifestation >>>

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