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Self Conscious to Self-Assured

Are you ready to develop your confidence and courage to finally feel like you belong and fit in?


Do you feel like you've never belonged and fitted in?

It's exhausting.  Always second guessing yourself and looking over your shoulder.  You can never relax and always wonder if you said or did the wrong thing.  Never feeling like you fit in or belong

You have to take a moment before you step into the workplace, or when you go meet your friends to calm and collect yourself and you never ever speak up for yourself

You don't feel like you fit or belong and have always wondered what was wrong with you.......I want to tell you there is nothing wrong with you and I can help you

  • You want to feel happier and more confident so you can live life to your fullest enjoyment

  • You want to feel in control of your thoughts, not the other way around so that you feel calmer and more in control

  • You want to stop saying YES all the time so that you can  use 'No' as a full sentence

  • You're ready to be able to stand up for yourself, so you can set proper boundaries and put YOU first

  • AND You want to find the confidence to pursue your dreams so you can finally start living an amazing life

Self Conscious to Self-Assured

Are you ready to go from Self Conscious to feeling completely at ease and Self-Assured in any situation, especially social situations?

During the 12 week coaching programme you will:

  • Understand where your social anxiety comes from so you can work to release it

  • Reprogram those beliefs so you can let those old behaviours go

  • Develop an awareness of who YOU are so you can start working towards what YOU want

  • Discover what YOUR dreams and desires are - uninfluenced by anyone else

  • Allow yourself to become comfortable in your own skin so you feel at ease

  • Enable yourself to be comfortable in any social setting so you can relax when out

  • Be able to stand up for yourself so you can set clear boundaries

  • Start to make yourself a priority so you can finally put your own needs first

  • Have the confidence to start being authentically YOU so you can start to shine

The Coaching Programme - what's included?

  • Onboarding call - to create the plan for our time together

  • 10x 60 minute sessions.

  • 2x self study directed sessions

  • Access (for 3 months) to your own bespoke online portal with all your zoom calls, feedback & resources

  • Access to the Dee-Lightful Life Academy for 3 months

  • Support via voxer/messenger in office hours for 3 months

  • Follow up Coaching Call (4-8 weeks after the programme has ended)

Or book a call to discuss and create your bespoke package

How to go from Self Conscious to Self-Assured?

Using a combination of powerful talking and questioning techniques, energy healing and meditation/hypnosis we will uncover the reasons behind what is making you feel socially anxious and like you need to hold yourself back.  In doing so we will start to create a new found confidence and acceptance in you so you are no longer afraid, and feel like you can show up authentically as your true self

  • Week 1: getting clarity on what you actually want and how you want to feel 

  • Week 2: the beliefs that are holding you back

  • Week 3: reframing your beliefs using proven talking therapies

  • Week 4: self study exercises bespoke to you based on what we have discussed so far

  • Week 5: a really powerful energy clearing technique to release those blocks

  • Week 6: further belief reframing using a powerful 4 step exercise

  • Week 7: a hypnosis/meditation session

  • Week 8: self study exercises bespoke to you based on our sessions up until now

  • Week 9: diving deep into self love, self esteem and confidence work

  • Week 10: continuing developing your confidence and self-assurance

  • Week 11: creating an inspired action plan

  • Week 12: reflect, review and adieu - wrapping everything up



I truly feel my attitude to life has changed since I began working with Alison in her VIP Group.  I have been able to gain more clarity for my goals and direction in my life and business, and I've been able to implement tools taught by Alison to help me over any obstacles that previously would have sent me into a tailspin of self doubt & imposter syndrome.  She is truly a gem in the coaching and mindset arena 

Emma - Dee-Lightful Life Academy member

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