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The Manifesting Bootcamp 2023

30 days, 30 tasks, to become an expert in Manifesting

Have you heard about Manifesting but don't quite 'get it'?

Or maybe you're interested but don't know how to get into learning more about it?

Or do you think it's only for the super spiritual and not possible for the 'average' person?

I had a mentor who would say ‘just manifest it’ and I’d reply ‘but HOW?’ and she’d just keep saying ‘just manifest it!’.  It was so frustrating because I was thinking about it as hard as I could - I didn’t know that your beliefs and energy have to match as well.

In fact, did you know theres some really practical steps you can take to start manifesting your desires, on your terms.  It’s not all woo woo and spiritual but a process.  However when you’re in alignment and the energy is flowing it will feel like magic

In my 30 day Manifesting Bootcamp I will teach you how to go from Manifesting Amateur to Manifesting Master, teaching you the techniques and skills you can apply over and over again to manifesting your desires

I’m here to teach you how you can use practical steps to start manifesting.  No leaving it to chance - you’ll have a process you can follow again and again until it becomes second nature and your desires effortlessly appear in your life

Alison is a Certified Coach, NLP Master Practitioner and expert in Manifestation.  After hearing about ‘The Secret’ in 2011, she then picked up her manifesting journey again in 2016 when a friend suggested a group to her and she started learning about it. 


It wasn’t until 2020 when she discovered Gabby Bernstein that all the pieces clicked into place and she started to understand how your vision, beliefs and energy all come together to help you create your desires. 


As a former biomedical scientist she focuses on the super practical steps you can take to make manifesting work for you.  It’s not all ‘woo woo’ and meditating but taking action that’s in alignment to create your dreams on your terms.

Whats covered?

In the bootcamp we will be covering:

  • Your vision.  Getting super clear on what this actually means and how to do

  • Belief work.  Figuring out whats holding you back from receiving your desires

  • Energy work.  Getting your energy aligned so you can manifest your dreams

  • The manifestation gap.  Why theres always a delay in your manifestations

  • Trust and Surrender.  So you can relax, knowing your visions are on their way

  • Divine timing.  How everything happens just when its meant too

  • EFT (Tapping).  To clear energetic blocks to your manifestations

  • Meditation.  To help you tune into your desires

  • Ho’Oponopono.  To help you release what is no longer serving you


~ Emma Jayne ~

"I have followed Alison's teachings for a few years now and I can say she's one of the most down to earth mentors for manifesting I have come across

She breaks down the mystery of manifesting and makes it simple to follow and be successful.  

Most recently I manifested a good choice of men to date, and a lovely relationship

I learned to be VERY specific or you will get what you asked for, nothing more, and to release resistance.  This one is tough, but trust the process, put it out there and let it go"

~ Kimberley ~

"I joined the bootcamp in order to set my mind straight.  The bootcamp really helped my depression and helped me focus on caring for myself

I manifested financial abundance and the qualities I would want in a partner during the bootcamp

I would 100% recommend guidance from Alison as she is an amazing coach.  I would also recommend the bootcamp for those who cannot see clearly in life and need help on focusing.  I still use the hints and tips given during the 30 days.  

I was in 2 minds whether to join due to financial reasons and then out of the blue got unexpected funds to join and I am so grateful I did


Money Mindset Masterclass

This Masterclass will help you identify where you are creating blocks to abundance and wealth in your life, so you can start creating the  wealth you desire and deserve

Moon Rituals

By a guest expert, these New and Full Moon rituals will help you understand how to harness this energy so you can use Moon rituals in your manifesting!

Miracle of Manifesting workbook

This workbook breaks down the beginning stages of manifesting so you can start creating tangible outcomes with your manifesting practices

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The Investment

Pay in full: £111

Pay in 2 instalments £55.50 x2

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