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 Are you ready to be Elevated?

Are you ready for the CLARITY you have been longing for?

The SPRING you need to BOOST you to the next level?

Are you ready to ELEVATE every aspect of your life to NEW heights?

Answer me this:

🤔 Are you feeling a deep yearning for change and growth in your life, but unsure where to begin?

🤔 Do you find yourself craving clarity and direction on your path to personal and professional fulfilment?

🤔 Are you ready to break free from beliefs holding you back and unlock your full potential?

🤔 DO you DREAM of JOY and ABUNDANCE in every area of your life?

🤔 Are your relationships leaving you feeling unfilled or disconnected?

Welcome to the Elevate Academy: Your Path to Transformation


What you'll learn

The format of the Academy: there's 12 TRANSFORMATIVE modules, and hot seat coaching twice a month - every few weeks we'll have a guest speaker in place of the hot seat coaching to add to and enhance your ELEVATE experience

The 12 modules:

Module 1: 🔍 Clarity deep dive - Gain CRYSTAL-CLEAR Clarity on your goals, desires and aspirations

Module 2:  🎯 Goals, dreams and planning - Learn effective strategies to set ambitious goals and create actionable plans to achieve them

Module 3: 💡 Mindset Mastery - Unlock the power of your mind to overcome beliefs holding you back and cultivate a success-orientated mindset

Module 4: 👫 Relationships with yourself and others - Cultivate healthy, fulfilling relationships with yourself and those around you 

Module 5: 🛡 Boundaries and energy protection - establish firm boundaries and learn techniques to protect you from negativity

Module 6: 💖 Self Love & Self Worth - Embrace radical self-love and elevate your sense of self-worth to new heights

Module 7: 🌈 Energy Healing & Emotional Vibration - Experience profound healing and raise your emotional vibration to align with your desires

Module 8: 💰 Money Mindset Deep Dive - Transform your relationship with money and unlock abundance in all areas of your life

Module 9: 🔑 HOW to get what you want - Learn actionable strategies and techniques to manifest your dreams into reality

Module 10: 🚀 Implementation and Action - Turn KNOWLEDGE into action and implement transformative changes in your life

Module 11: 🛤 What to do when life derails you - Navigate life's challenges with grace and resilience, and learn how to bounce back stronger than ever

Module 12: 🔥  Next steps and looking forward - Develop a clear roadmap for your future and step confidently into the life you desire

💛 WITH hot seat coaching twice a month, you will get ample opportunity to receive tailored guidance and support, as well as camaraderie from your Academy peers to really ELEVATE you to achieve 


As if the 12 TRANSFORMATIVE module weren't enough, there are also some EXCLUSIVE bonuses to support you during your time in the Elevate Academy

⭐️ Lifetime access - to the course, hot seat calls and any further updates


⭐️ Enrolment in the Manifesting Bootcamp 2024 (worth £111)

⭐️ 1:1 Session with Alison Dee, to be had when you need the support most

⭐️ Vision board created by & 1:1 with the Vision Board Queen (worth - priceless!)

Plus extra bonuses to be announced!

The Investment

The Investment for this is at the CRAZY LOW amount of


Or 5 payments of £111

Or 10 payments of £55.5

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