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Are you......

- Feeling stuck and in a rut?

- Life 'could' be better, you just don't know how to make changes?

- You feel like you come last in your life?

- You want to enjoy your life but the past is weighing you down....?

- Something just feels 'missing' but you don't know what?


The Dee-Lightful Life Academy is here

Who is The Dee-Lightful Life Academy for?

- Women 25+ (we have women in their 30's, 40's, 50's+ in there - it is never too late to decide you want more)

- Looking to figure out what they really want from life ("get clarity")

- Wanting to be able to say No to the things that don't serve them ("set boundaries")

- Those who want to understand their mind and get control of their thoughts

- Who want to start living, not just existing

- You know theres more to life - you just don't know how to find it

- You want to start dreaming big again AND achieve those dreams

After years of doing my own mindset and personal development work, I trained and certified as a coach and as an NLP Practitioner to help guide other women to find their happiness and learn how to live life for them

What do you get in the Dee-Lightful Life Academy?

- First and foremost, a supportive community, lead by me; Alison Dee, to support and guide you

- Community and Coaching Zoom every month (with Alison Dee)

- Guided EFT (tapping) Session every month (with Alison Dee)

- 6 resident experts to help you in every area of your life

- Messenger chat to help when you need a pick me or a cheerleader

- Daily inspiration posts to lift your vibe

- Access to all previous content

- All training is available on replay - so access it when it suits you

- A membership that works around your life and commitments


Previously covered in the Dee-Lightful Life Academy:

- Clarity (on what you want, your values, how you want to feel)

- Goal setting & Planning

- Money Mindset

- Alignment and Emotional Vibration

- Manifesting

- Trusting in the Universe

- it's good to feel good!

- Being Present

- Personal Development Deep Dive

- Releasing and Reflecting

- Relationships

- Overwhelm to Calm

- Connecting to yourself

- Prioritising YOU


(That you can access in the archives)

How the Academy was Started.........

The Dee-Lightful Life Academy was set up by me; Alison Dee.  I wanted to create a safe space for women to come together and be able to be open and honest.  To be able to dream BIG (whatever that means for you) and be encouraged and supported and cheerleaded.  To be held and supported whenever they encountered any triggers, blocks or past traumas to be able to learn from them, grow from them and move past them to create their dream life.

I am an expert in Mindset work and Manifestation, but I'm also a scientist so I put the woo and the science together to make it really logical and understandable for even the most cynical person.  

I then realised I couldn't create the space I truly wanted to all on my own - so I bought in a team of experts who support me with providing exceptional content each month into the Academy to help guide you to truly create your dreams on your terms


How the Dee-Lightful Life Academy works

- There's daily inspiration posts direct into the support Facebook group

- At the beginning of each month you will get the schedule so you can plan ahead

- There will be 2 Zooms with Alison Dee 

* A community & coaching Zoom

* An EFT (tapping) Zoom

- The resident coaches & experts will all deliver their trainings as per the schedule

* Everything is scheduled in the events section

* Everything is saved for catch up so don't worry if you can't make it live

- If you're having a wobble, need support or want to celebrate - the Facebook group and messenger chat are totally there for that!


The Dee-Lightful Life Academy Coaches & Experts


Alison Dee

Founder of the Dee-Lightful Life Academy

Mindset & Manifestation Coach,

helping you realise your dreams and giving you the confidence to go get them! 


Tamzin Hall

Goal Setting & Planning Coach

Live into the Academy every Monday, Tamzin will give you the motivation and tools to make a plan you will achieve!


Kelly Brett

Health & Wellness Coach

With her plethora of knowledge on health, fitness, diet and nutrition, Kelly delivers her monthly session to help inspire you to create balance in your physical self


Laura Barclay

Self Love & Boundaries Coach

With her passionate attitude, Laura is determined to give you the tools to learn to love yourself and set your boundaries so you can easily say No to what doesn't serve you, every month


Katiey Alden

Energy & Meditation Expert

With over 2 decades of experience, Katiey is an energy healer and meditation expert - delivering a guided meditation session every month into the Academy to help you balance yourself 


Stephanie Carmichael

Crystals Expert

Sharing her knowledge and passions for Crystals, Stephanie delivers a training each month showing how we can use Crystals to enhance our wellbeing


Gillian Heughan

Inspiration Expert

There's always more to learn, but where do you go?  Gillian posts inspiration suggestions into the Academy weekly to help guide and support you on the monthly topic subject

Dee-Lightful Life coaches & experts.Chantale.png

Chantale Thompson

Witchy-Woo Astrology Expert

Chantale has just joined our team and is here to tell us how astrological, lunar and earth events are all affecting our energy, including info on New and Full Moons

At just £29 a month (less for 6/12 months)
And no tie in (cancel when you want)
Are you ready to start living your dream life?

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