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The Dee-Lightful Book Club

THE bookclub for personal development, mindset and a little bit of 'woo'

Ever wanted to read more personal development books but feel like you don't know where to start because there's just so many?

Would you love someone to guide and support you?

AND have a like minded community around you?

INTRODUCING the Dee-Lightful Book Club!

This is a book club for accountability, support and community for those wanting to further their personal development, but are lacking the motivation or accountability to actually pick up a book (or tune into an audio book) or can't decide which book to read

This is a safe space to share your realisations and lightbulb moments 

Each month we will decide on a new book - whether you want to get the actual book, read it on your device on listen to it as an audio book 

YOU get input on the monthly topics and help select which book we read

We will have a monthly zoom to review the book in a group setting  (which you can watch on catch up if you're not free, so you can still get the insights from others)

I'll provide you with some prompts and tips (where appropriate) to help you get the most out of reading the books

If you want to do further personal development I'll also be recommending extra resources, such as podcasts and TedX talks for you to further your knowledge - this is entirely optional

There is also a personal development or mindset training EVERY MONTH in the book club, complimentary.  So far we have covered:

* How to get the most out of consuming your personal development material

* [August] Money Mindset

For just £7 a month [Founding members offer]

This Book Club is for you if:

- You enjoy reading personal development books but get overwhelmed by the choice and would like some direction 

- You want to open your mind and try reading some new ideas and concepts

- You can commit to reading around 10-15 pages a day

- You find learning enjoyable

- You'd love to have a like-minded community to share your insights and lightbulb moments with

- You'd like to make reading personal development books a habit to expand your personal growth

How it works

  • Towards the end of the month we will decide as a group which topic within personal development, mindset or 'woo' we're going to focus on next, and then choose a book from the selection I provide - so I will be guiding you, but ultimately also letting you have some choice (I'm trialling this - I may in future just pick the book based on feedback)

  • It is then up to you to get a copy of that book in your preferred format (physical copy, electronic version or audio), ideally ready for the 1st of the month

  • You then need to set aside time to read approx 10-15 pages a day to have completed the book by the time we have our monthly zoom, or carve out some time weekly to read 1/3 to a 1/4 of the book

  • The Zoom will take place towards the end of the month to give you ample time to read the book

  • The Zoom will be streamed into the facebook support group so if you can't make the Zoom you can still catch up, get others insights and have conversations in the thread underneath the live stream so you can still get involved

  • If you have insights or lightbulb moments you want to share in the moment, that's exactly what the community is for - to share your love of reading and have that safe space to be able to connect with others


  • Whats the book for August?

    • In August we are covering Money Mindset and this months book is 'Money: a love story' by Kate Northrup.  You can get it here*

  • How does it work?

    • We choose the book end of the month so it's ready to start reading for the 1st of the new month.  All through the month you are encouraged to post any insights or thoughts, and at the end of the month we get together for a Book Club meeting over zoom which I lead with insightful questions to explore the topics more deeply

  • How do I get the book?​

    • That's up to you - I will be providing Amazon links that you can buy from so you know you're purchasing the correct book, or you can sign up to an audible subscription if you prefer audio books, or go to your local bookshop - whichever works for you​

  • What happens if I don't finish the book?

    • That's fine - you can still come along to the zoom and engage and get an overview of the insights and what the book is about.​

    • I would suggest that you look at why you didn't finish it - was it not enough of a priority?  Did you run out of time?  Was it just an unusual month and life got in the way?  Or was it not a topic that interested you?  How can you do it differently going forward so you can keep up?

  • What happens if I don't really like that months book?​

    • I'd encourage you to be open minded and still read it.  Personal Development is all about trying new ideas and being open to new concepts and stepping outside of our comfort zones.  I've come across concepts I shied away from initially, but when I really looked into them they've been game changers​.  You never know what piece of inspiration will change your life

  • How long will the Zoom's be? ​

    • I'd allow an hour to an hour and a half, no longer​

  • What will the format of the Zoom's be?​

    • I will guide and lead the Zooms, sharing an overview of the book, and then I will open it to whoever is on the Zoom to share their perspectives, and then for anyone to share concepts they aren't sure about and want to discuss and get clarity on.  It will be quite informal​

  • I'd like to get involved, but I prefer audio books to paperbacks​

    • That's absolutely fine!  We aren't here to police how well you read, but rather give you accountability and support.  Listen to audio books if that works better for you​

I will add to these as more questions come up so please do ask if there is anything you aren't sure about

* this means that it is an affiliate link, and while it won't cost you any more, I may get a small payment for recommending the book.  I would really appreciate you buying via my link as it helps build my rating

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