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Hi!!  I'm Alison Dee. I'm a Life Transformation Coach, and the founder of Dee-Lightful Living and the Positive Mindset Tribe

So many people nowadays are realising just how much their lives have got away from them.  They're bogged down with responsibility and doing things for others, leaving little to no time for themselves.  


When we work together I'll help you to realise the patterns that have allowed this to happen, and guide you to flip them so you can take back control of your own life, and start saying no......


As a certified Coach and NLP Practitioner, using a range of techniques, I will help you to reset your thought pattens so going forward you can make different choices, to enable you to live your life YOUR way


"Change is inevitable, Growth is Optional"
~ John Maxwell ~

I offer both Life and Business Coaching, and if you do have a business, my skills in life caching are invaluable helping you get balance

Life Transformation Coaching

This will help you get control of your life, rediscover exactly who YOU are and most importantly what YOU want.


You will be able to start saying no, get control of those thoughts when they go into a negative spiral, and start enjoying life again 

Are you ready to do this for you?

Ways to work with me

- My instant access Masterclass

- My membership (and VIP option)

- Single Deep Dive Sessions

- 1:1 coaching


Business Coaching & Mentoring

I thoroughly understand the struggles a new business faces.  It's such a minefield with so much conflicting advice.  

I will help you create your brand, get your tech sorted and get clear on your strategy so you can start making your business profitable sooner rather than later

Ways to work with me

- My instant access Masterclasses

- My membership (coming soon)

- Single Deep Dive sessions

- 1:1 coaching

Instant Access Masterclasses - so you can get started right away

LIFE: "Unlock your potential Masterclass" - £15.  The simple steps to get started in personal development (with a workbook)

BIZ: "Understanding email marketing & Mailerlite" - £15.  Why you need email marketing for your business

BIZ: "Attract in your Ideal Clients" - £19.  How to use attraction marketing to work smarter not harder

Buy now
Buy now
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90 Minute Deep Dive Sessions

Using my bespoke 4 step process, we will figure out

-  exactly how and why you are stuck right now, 

- where you want to go

- the action you need to take to get there

- how the universe can help you

Its a really powerful session with a ton of quick wins, and it can be used for life or business


At just £79, with my support for a week afterwards - just email me to get booked 

Life Transformation Coaching

In our sessions you will:

- Start understanding all the thoughts running around your head, so you can start to understand yourself better

- Understand why you can't say no (so you can START saying no)

- Discover exactly who you are and what you want, so you can start working towards creating a life on your terms, not anyone one elses terms


I'll help you realise just how and why shame and guilt are pointless emotions, and you'll ditch them for good 

You'll reclaim your time and energy, so you can start doing what YOU enjoy

What do you get?

- We'll start with a 30 minute consultation to decide what our aims are in our time together

- Next we'll have a 90 minute deep dive session to give you some quick wins you can access straight away

- Then, typically, we'll have fortnightly sessions, with homework you can work through in your own time (if appropriate)

- I'll use the multitude of techniques in my 'coaching kit' at my disposal, including NLP, EFT and energy healing to help you release all the beliefs you've been carrying around that are holding you back

- My support in between sessions if you hit a setback or have a win to share

Each coaching package is bespoke to you, but the above with 2 sessions a month and support in between is £347 month.  

But we can discuss your time and budget needs and work out a plan to suit you

Ready to get started?  The next step is to fill out the below survey and book a call to chat

You can also check out my membership: The Dee-Lightful Life Academy - only £29 a month (or £79 for the VIP option)

Get survey & Book call

Business Coaching & Mentoring

Struggling to know how to get started?

Going round in circles and procrastinating because you don't know what the next best steps are?

I understand because I was there.

I can help you with:

- Your branding and message

- Your social media and content

- Get your email list up and running

- Start getting engagement and naturally attracting in your ideal clients

- Work smarter not harder, so you don't burn out

- Your confidence and mindset around your business

Get survey & Book call
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